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We are a small operation and our goal is to stay that way. Family owned and operated with teams based in New York and California, we answer the phones with a friendly voice and respond to your emails with an emoticon. We really like exploring the world of bacteria inside and on the human body; no gimmicks, no frills - we are here to help you. 

The world wide web has become just as tangled as it sounds.  A plethora of information bombarding our brains!  We are here to start a revolution in the world of probiotics by working with real physicians seeing patients on a regular basis throughout the United States, and the web of information supporting our products that are deciphered by our physicians and team.

High-Potency Probiotics

Linked Biotics specializes in bringing you the top rated probiotics guided by massive amounts of research, and actively practicing physicians throughout the United States.  Several factors are closely analyzed to determine the best probiotic supplements, such as checking for acid and bile resistance leading to intestinal survival and adhesion. However, our main priority is always safety.

These premium quality of specific strains ensure improvement of long term bacterial composition and pathogen inhibition to benefit your overall health. By using precise research provided by reliable sources with statistically significant results, we are able to focus on stable bacterial strains that have increased shelf life and targeted results.  Most of our products contain large quantities of the most effective strains of live Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Our commitment to quality assures long-lasting relationships that are built on trust and dependability.   


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Neville GuptaNeville Gupta

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Advisory Board

Dr.Rakesh GuptaRakesh Gupta, MD - Gastroenterology

Dr.BhatiaIshali Bhatia, DPM - Podiatric

Nathan Kiskila, MD - Probiotics Advisor - Linkedbiotics.comNathan Kiskila, MD - Internal Medicine

Dr.Sandeep GuptaSandeep Gupta, MD - Rheumatology 

Dr.MerrimanSunita Merriman, MD - Dentistry

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Research & Development

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