Bifidobacterium breve


This strain of bacteria helps increase weight gain in infants, iron absorption, and reduces associated symptoms of IBS

Bifidobacterium Breve is normal flora that can be found throughout the digestive tract and vagina.

Research links this bacteria with reducing yeast infections in women[1], enhancing the intestinal immune system[2], aiding in the prevention of rotavirus infection[3], and assists to increase weight gain in underweight infants by promoting normal bacteria in their bowel.[4]. This bacteria also aids in improving gut colonization and pathogen protection which can also increase iron absorption in the gut[5]†.  Bifidobacterium breve aids in increasing regulatory T cell responses which helps reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome[6]†. In addition, this bacteria prevents the stimulation of pathogens that could cause harm in the gut[7]†, and has shown to have good bile tolerance which can help improve its colonization in the gut[8].

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